A distinct core value that defines the way that Weddle and Sons operates is positivity. This value refers to the way we choose to respond to any of the various unexpected events that happen each day at work. We choose to believe there is always potential for a great outcome, whether it comes as a great solution now or the opportunity to learn from a mistake we’ve made. Positivity impacts our assumptions about jobs, people, employees and relationships – our team chooses to assume the best about each! 

Here are a few ways that the core value of positivity affects our team and our clients:

  • Our team knows that every roofing job has unexpected events; positivity allows us to view them as bumps in the road, not an impossible barrier.
  • When a member of our team is frustrated, the rest of the team helps them see the potential for positive outcomes in the current situation.
  • Our team understands that conflict is normal, and a positive outlook helps us see conflict as a chance for growth.
  • Our clients get to work with teams who are thankful to be here, which allows them to work with efficiency and effectiveness that is not deterred by issues that arise.
  • Our team helps our clients see that no potential problem is too difficult to reach a great solution. We will protect clients’ homes, do what is best, and back up our work.

Positivity is a crucial aspect of the Weddle and Sons’ culture. It impacts our office environment, our current projects, and our clients’ experiences. It has been an important value for our company as we continue to grow. We hope that your experience with us will show you how important positivity is to our company!