Never Settle

Our final core value at Weddle and Sons is “Never Settle.” We are committed to constant improvement both personally and professionally. We think that this continual growth is crucial to both our employees and our company. We don’t want to make decisions just because “that’s how we’ve always done it.” We want to take action that is best for our employees and customers. We are willing to listen to feedback from one another and even change our systems and processes if they hinder our employees from serving our customers. Choosing to never settle means that we are open to change and that our team seeks feedback in our everyday work to help us see areas that need improvement.

In order to create an environment for consistent growth, we hold weekly leadership team meetings to discuss growth opportunities and improve on our weaknesses. We have also enlisted outside help through mentorship and training through Strategic Coach and other business partnerships in Manhattan. Our employees meet monthly with supervisors for personal growth outside of work and an assessment of work performance.

Here are a few ways we have recently integrated change in order to never settle:

  • We have improved our warranty process so that instead of having a 2-3 month delay to receive their warranty, clients receive them the day of the final inspection for the job through email.
  • We hired an “in-house” crew in order to increase our work capacity.
  • We have redesigned our scheduling process to allow ample buffer room for weather related delays, allowing us to move people up in the schedule rather than move them back when delayed.
  • Our quality control specialists and service technicians are increasingly taking greater responsibility to manage their respective production schedules.
  • This past winter, we integrated a winter book club that allowed our team to discuss topics such as personal accountability and team dynamics. Read more about that book club in our blog:

With a commitment to building better lives, we believe that choosing to never settle in bothprofessional and personal arenas are crucial to the growth of our lives and our company. We don’t want to settle for what is good, we want to continually strive for what is best!