One of our core values at Weddle and Sons is responsibility. Because of this, our team holds each other accountable for excellent work and high standards on every project. We remind each other frequently of the importance of taking ownership for our work. Great responsibility not only helps our company succeed, with many reliable hands on deck, but it benefits our clients as well. We believe that our clients deserve excellent work, and we take on the responsibility of making sure they receive exceptional service and a quality product. Our clients also deserve to know they can contact us and we will respond. We value responsibility on the job, and want it to be communicated in the way we handle every detail.

Here are a few examples of how responsibility impacts the way we do business:

  • We have a quality control specialist on every jobsite with every crew.
  • We send every client a final inspection with details and photos of the finished work.
  • If something is wrong on a job we completed, we fix it promptly.
  • We extend a 7-year workmanship warranty for all roof replacements.
  • We answer the phones when people call and return calls promptly if we happen to miss a call.
  • We hold weekly all-company meetings to address issues from the prior week and go over upcoming projects.

These are some of the ways that we integrate responsibility into our everyday work, and we hope to have the chance to let you experience the responsibility we offer first hand on your next roofing project!