Weddle and Sons’s third core value is integrity. Marked by a pillar on every document displaying our values, integrity drives our team to be open and honest with all people. We do not conceal any part of our work process, we avoid cutting corners, and we do what we say we will. Our team members place high expectations on each other to keep our word and fulfill what we have promised on time and in the right way. This is not to say that we never make mistakes, but instead, we take our mistakes personally and strive to grow from them. Our core values themselves are an example of how integrity is emphasized in our company. They reveal what is important in everyday work and decision making, and if something we are doing does not line up with our core values, we change it.

Here are a few ways that integrity plays out in everyday work at Weddle and Sons:

  • We give clients the product at the price we quoted to them before the job
  • We take pictures of any extra layers, decking, or other issues so that they are documented both for us and for the client.
  • We advise homeowners about work that needs done as if their home were our own
  • We use our weekly meetings to discuss any issues that we need to address and hold each other accountable.

Our goal is for integrity to be seen in everything we do and for clients to know that they can trust us. Integrity is crucial to our business, and we hope that your experience with us will confirm it!