Commitment to Our Clients

Companies have values, just like roofs have shingles. Some companies haven’t stated them, but their values are seen in the way they handle their business, good or bad. Other companies have core values, but lack the application that makes them important. At Weddle and Sons, our core values are vital, and we want everything we do to be branded by their impact. Because of this, we think that our five core values each deserve a little highlight, starting with commitment to our clients.

A commitment to clients can mean many different things, but to us it means that we will do what is best for our clients. At times, this comes at the expense of our own convenience, plans, schedules, and personal priorities, but we think that it is worth it. Unexpected things happen when a roof project is taken on, and a commitment to our clients drives us to do what is best for the client based on the most current information we have. This is one of the reasons that we train our service technicians and foremen to make the best decisions on the job based on each specific roof. This provides higher quality replacements and repairs for our clients.

Here are a few more examples of how commitment to clients impacts the way we do business:

  1. If we find damaged or rotted decking in your roof, we don’t just cover it up, we replace it.
  2. We back up our work with a 7-year workmanship warranty that is hassle and form free: just give us a call! 
  3. If we make a mistake on a job, we fix it.
  4. We offer upgrades to impact resistant shingles at material cost, which allows homeowners to receive discounts on their yearly insurance premiums for up to 26%.
  5. We work to advise homeowners on what is best for their home in regards to shingle types, venting, and installation date, not what is necessarily best for our bottom line.
  6. We work with our clients to navigate insurance processes and receive full payments for their homes after damages.
  7. We do our best to have quick responses to calls and emails that come our way.

These are all areas that we have tried to integrate the core value of commitment to our clients, and we hope that once you’ve had a chance to work with us, you’ll see that commitment branded on every aspect of our company!