First Weeks with Weddle and Sons

Weddle and Sons has been growing rapidly, and with growth, we’ve been excited to hire three team members in Lincoln! We would love to share with you their experience in the first few weeks of working with us.


Amber: Office Administrator

My first two weeks at Weddle and Sons, Inc. has been nothing short of excellent. The first attribute of Weddle and Sons that interested me the most was their core values and how they are implemented. Honestly, a lot of companies HAVE core values, but not many actually discuss them and use them for day to day decision making. I love the environment and family oriented vibe of the company and I feel as though I have support in my position. Weddle and Sons is the best of two worlds, a family owned company with family like support and a rapidly growing company with the success of major corporations.

Jason: Quality Control Specialist

My first week at Weddle and Sons was not what I expected, but in all the best ways! I felt very welcomed by everyone and developed almost instant connections with my co-workers. After my first roof replacement, I could tell that this was a job and company that I was going to enjoy working for. I have never worked for a company that treats its customers and employees with such respect, honesty and loyalty. By the end of the week, I knew I had made the right choice to work for Weddle and Sons.


Jamison: Quality Control Specialist

My first week at Weddle and Sons, Inc was great. It’s amazing to be a part of a company that holds their core values so high. The commitment to their customers and employees is second to none.