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Some things are unavoidable in the spring and summer months: warmer temperatures, lots of sunshine, high winds, and heavy rains.  Consequently, roofs may develop leaks, shingles might blow off, and - after a winter of freezing temperatures - you may want to have your roof inspected to ensure peace of mind.

At Weddle and Sons, we look forward to responding to your request for service!  Some companies only want to do installations and full roofing projects, but we understand that a little TLC can extend the life of your roof. Our service team spent time this past winter evaluating our work in 2016 and identifying areas where we could improve.  Here are a few improvements our service team has made:

  • Faster responses to client requests
  • Shorter delay between inspections and sending out quotes
  • Providing documentation and photos for clients of the completed job

Largely, our team accomplished these improvements through a little restructuring and developing a service app!  We have been using the service app since early January, testing and debugging features, and are excited at the increased efficiency it has brought to our service team.

With our new service app, we can do each one of the steps below in one visit from our service technician!  Let's walk through the stages of our service process and show you what you can expect from your neighbors at Weddle and Sons:

  1. Inspection
    1. Make a request by calling our team or submitting through our website,
    2. One of our service technicians will respond to your call and schedule a time to inspect your property.
    3. Our service technicians will arrive, knock on your door, and inspect the roof.
    4. After completing the inspection, you will receive an emailed submission of the inspection.
  2. Scheduling Project
    1. After you review the inspection and approve the work, our service team will schedule your repair.
    2. We'll order materials, prep our technician on the repair, and arrive on time.
  3. Project Completion
    1. Our service technician will arrive at your home and complete the repair as specified
    2. Our service team will review the project to ensure quality
    3. Weddle and Sons office staff will send you an invoice that can be paid by check, credit card, or online

Interested?  We'd love to work with you!  Give us a call at your local Weddle and Sons -  we'll answer the phone, call you back if we miss your call, and show up when we promise!

We're looking forward to serving you this year,

Weddle and Sons Team